Mississippi Defenders

What we are:

The Mississippi Defenders is a grass roots movement within the Mississippi Confederation of Clubs. Composed of Mississippi Citizen Biker manpower from M/C and COIR (Coalition of Independent Riders) representatives the Mississippi Defenders work in solidarity for the common good of our communities and to defend the Constitution of these Unites States of America.


The Mississippi Defenders stand ready to implement and support motorcycle rights organizations and other organization’s “Call-to-Actions” that are identified as falling within the Mississippi Confederation of Club’s agenda. The Mississippi Defenders also “Stand at the Ready” when it comes to assisting in emergency situations such as hurricane, tornado or flood damage that may befall our communities.


The Mississippi Defenders program was commissioned by MSCOC in October of 2008 and has taken on a force of its own. Composed of members from Mississippi COC and COIR representatives, each Mississippi Defender will wear a state COC sanctioned patch that cannot be sold or traded. Any changes in personnel will need to be coordinated with the unit’s commander to which they are assigned.

The Mississippi Defenders program is not a Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) such as the TMRA, TMRA II, ABATE, AIM, MRF and the AMA, but manageable units of M/C and Independent Riders manpower.

All Mississippi Defenders will be trained in “Call-to-Action” grass root strategies such as letter writing campaigns, emailing and phoning state and national legislators and canvassing crowds who will then take that training back to their clubs or groups to implement the action. Open training seminars in grass roots strategies like letter writing to legislators will be conducted by state and national leaders and teachers from around the country.

One of the most important tools of a Mississippi Defenders Unit will be the Mississippi Defender’s Booths that will be set up and manned at most major events and rallies across Mississippi including motorcycle rallies, drag races, car and truck shows, etc. The mission of the Mississippi Defenders Booths will include registering voters, handing out MSCOC literature, signing up C.O.I.R., completing surveys and selling “I SUPPORT” gear to help fund the movement.

For any problems or concerns regarding the COC Website, please contact: White Knuckle Riders RC - Gore Springs - Helen, SEC/Treasurer.